Thursday, September 08, 2005

punishment or reward

A long while ago(maybe 7 or 8 years) I came across an article titled "Govt. funds denied to rape victims"that quoted the then Illinois republican representative as saying" I am against violence against women. I am also against violence against unborn children. What crime has the unborn child committed?"
He is arguing on the assumption that life is a reward, a prized gift and death is punishment. But is it? It can also be argued : What crime has the unborn committed that it should be brought into this world without much hope of a proper life? No family foundation. Maybe an immature and resentful mother. Maybe congenital defects. A life in an institution. Vulnerability to drugs and crime. This is the "gift" the state is offering the unborn because it didn't commit any crime? Huh!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A start

This sure is a strange experience for someone who stopped writing her diary in her teens. Right now, random thoughts are too random. Expect to find views on films and, hopefully books here. Also, on life in urban India in the 21st century. Maybe lots of emotions sometimes!