Sunday, January 01, 2012

I resolve....

Resolutions. They hardly last even the full day on Jan 1! Why do we even bother with making new year resolutions? Because it is a small way of saying to ourselves, "You are far from perfect, my friend--you need to improve!" So at least we are not complacent, we are a little self-critical, and most of all, we are optimistic!
Two resolutions I have been breaking consistently are, to write more often and to lose weight! But 2012 has come and with it have come redoubled efforts to add to my writing and subtract from my weight.
I would like to tag Shruthi,Thirty,Sachin,Ron, Rads, Pixie,Rohini,Krish ---please write at least two resolutions you always break yet don't give up on!
A Happy 2012, and may it turn out that the Mayans were wrong after all!