Sunday, January 01, 2012

I resolve....

Resolutions. They hardly last even the full day on Jan 1! Why do we even bother with making new year resolutions? Because it is a small way of saying to ourselves, "You are far from perfect, my friend--you need to improve!" So at least we are not complacent, we are a little self-critical, and most of all, we are optimistic!
Two resolutions I have been breaking consistently are, to write more often and to lose weight! But 2012 has come and with it have come redoubled efforts to add to my writing and subtract from my weight.
I would like to tag Shruthi,Thirty,Sachin,Ron, Rads, Pixie,Rohini,Krish ---please write at least two resolutions you always break yet don't give up on!
A Happy 2012, and may it turn out that the Mayans were wrong after all!


Anonymous Pixie said...

Happy New Year Laks! :D
2 resolutions eh?!
If I write them down, I would have to follow it! LOL!!
Will take it up ! :)

2/1/12 9:04 AM  
Blogger Sachin said...

Hey, happy new year to you and family as well!

And I shall take up your tag ASAP. Thanks a bunch for giving me a chance to break through my writers block. :)

And here's to seeing a lot more writing coming in from you and me both. And may your other resolution come true as well.

2/1/12 9:11 AM  
Anonymous rads said...

lol, those are the exact two resolutions I can't keep either! :)
Maybe I will write after all!

2/1/12 9:22 AM  
Blogger LAK said...

Pixie, Sachin,Rads,thanks! This was a way for me to get writing, and also to ensure I get to read more of your blogs!

3/1/12 9:17 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

Lak, what a surprise this New Year! Someone tagging me up with a commitment to resolve!

I'm not able to recall what my resolutions were in the previous years - may be, this year, I should resolve to remember this year's resolution when it's 2013! :)

I had stopped swearing upon the Holy Scriptures to produce more blog posts than ever. That was my resolution once, though perhaps, not a New Year's one. But I did notice that I had posted 15 stories in 2011. So, let me resolve to beat that number, or at least, meet that number, in 2012. I give you the exclusive rights to catch me red-handed if I fall short, even by one post! :p

My second resolution: I would never get angry (Conditions Apply!). I happen to be the Tamil Poet Bharathiyaar's fan, who advised "Routhiram Pazhagu!" (Get into the practice of getting angry!). So, I decided to pay homage to the great man with my "Conditions Apply" clause. Deliberate anger, channelised anger, tactical anger, whatever . . . but I would not get angry despite myself! Sounds complicated / practical / impractical? That's my resolve anyway :)

Thanks for tagging me, and making me resolve in public! :) Best wishes for your New Year's resolutions - let's check our resolutions' health by next Jan ;)

4/1/12 4:16 PM  
Blogger LAK said...

Great to see you here again, Krish! And...great minds (heh, heh)--- what you said about anger being used tactically---I have a half-written something about it; so will dig it out. Also, something similar occurred to me about the art of saying no, so will try to develop that too!
All, I think we all just got busy with other things, but just staying in touch and visiting each others blogs should get the "ink" flowing and clear the writer's block we all were suffering from!

5/1/12 9:24 AM  
Blogger Shruthi said...

Lak, I stopped making resolutions ages ago! And I resolved ones never to make any more new year resolutions, and I've kept that :)

5/1/12 9:11 PM  

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