Thursday, September 08, 2005

punishment or reward

A long while ago(maybe 7 or 8 years) I came across an article titled "Govt. funds denied to rape victims"that quoted the then Illinois republican representative as saying" I am against violence against women. I am also against violence against unborn children. What crime has the unborn child committed?"
He is arguing on the assumption that life is a reward, a prized gift and death is punishment. But is it? It can also be argued : What crime has the unborn committed that it should be brought into this world without much hope of a proper life? No family foundation. Maybe an immature and resentful mother. Maybe congenital defects. A life in an institution. Vulnerability to drugs and crime. This is the "gift" the state is offering the unborn because it didn't commit any crime? Huh!


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Blogger Shankari said...

Missed this. Thanks for showing me this. We do tend to get carried away about what is right/wrong, punishment/reward, kind/cruel.

3/4/06 1:08 AM  

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