Friday, April 14, 2006

Bangalore Burning

We Indians are crazy. MGR dies and people immolate themselves. Dr. Rajkumar dies and chaos rules in Bangalore, of all places. I always thought Bangalore was a very mature, laid back city. I thought everybody there was cultured, poised and balanced. My son says,"But Bangalore is such a shareef city!" Apparently I was as naïve as my son!
Mass hysteria is unpredictable, both in terms of content and intensity. As usual, the powers-that-be merrily indulge in the blame game, each saying that the other should have seen it coming. Obviously, those who have torched buses, cars and shops are not the real fans of the late actor. They are the ugly underbelly of any city, the antisocial elements, who come into their own at times like these.
I have just one question for those who professed themselves prostrated by grief---did it occur to them to offer themselves to Veerappan, or to take on the sandalwood bandit, when their idol Rajkumar was in the clutches of Old Mustachios?
RandomThought: Did anything like this happen when NTR passed away?The only image I remember is that of his second wife lamenting and breast beating in a most undignified manner.


Blogger Sachin said...

Hey Lak, that was short and effective! You're right, no real fan would blemish the death of their superstar by resorting to such anti-social means like torching their own city, lynching a policeman or even protesting!!!

A real fan would withhold the dignity of their idol even in death. But what did happen was that people with violent streaks saw this as an opportunity to unleash themselves under the shroud of public sorrow!! Sigh...

14/4/06 10:10 PM  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hey laxmi, this is good.
I too write a blog but about Chennai.
Do take a peek at and leave your comments there. I like your sense of humour, very gentle, very fluffy but it is effective.

14/4/06 10:52 PM  
Blogger Max Babi said...

hi lak,
so u wanna know how I came by.
Well my blogspot page keeps scrolling various blogs at random and I saw the Bangalore caption, out of curiosity clicked.
That's how.
Tks a load for commenting on mine.
I am posting daily now. Cheanni's inhuman heat got my creative juices opening all sluice valves inside...

16/4/06 7:54 AM  
Anonymous mahen said...

After all man is a social animal.. How long can a man be human? It's such an occassion for the animal within to rule us for a while... Well, it's utter nonsense.

24/4/06 3:05 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

Something like that did happen for NTR too. I mentioned that in my comment at the Marauder's Map's post.

29/4/06 5:25 AM  

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