Tuesday, October 18, 2005

fair and handsome

Now a cosmetic company in India has come out with a fairness cream for men, called "Fair and Handsome" Well, in a way, it balances the skewed psyche of everybody preferring fair girls. Maybe it is a message to men that if you want a fair girl, you'd better be fair yourself! On the other hand, why fairness in the first place? Because a kind heart is not visible?Why not look for a pleasant face? Or a smiling one? Better still, look for laugh lines!
I want to know if this cream is being marketed in South india too. Traditionally, Northies think that all Southies are black(should I say melanin challenged, to be politically correct?)! How many times have I heard,"Oh, you are a South Indian? You don't look like one!" And that is supposed to be a big compliment.
A new TV serial has started, called Saat Phere, which looks at the problems a "dark" girl faces in the marriage market. Lets see if it breaks new ground,or goes the usual saas bahu way after a few promising episodes.


Blogger Eldo thomas aka Eldorados said...

never tired of usin a fairness cream.but many says they've many side effects,aint'i correct ???

18/10/05 5:39 AM  
Blogger Premalatha said...


Here is a refreshing trend!!


Well, now I know what Premaji looks like. Just your basic, ravishingly lovely Tamil girl! Unlike Aishwara Rai, who looks vaguely Italian and actually sounds rather American.
I can't resist this...do you "...rent a cottage on the Isle of Wight"?

Can't help from looking at this now and then and be happy!!!

(little over the top, I agree, but I just love it.:))

20/11/05 1:28 AM  
Blogger Kiwilakhs said...

Hi Lak,

I found your post on fair and handsome as you can see. so true. this white-fixation makes me mad, although it never ends.


7/2/06 12:01 PM  

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